Lil Kim

Lil’ Kim’s Best Nude Moments

Lil’ Kim (real name: Kimberly Jones) and an American rapper born with a penchant for outrageous clothing and frequent “accidental” flashes in public.

Lil Kim phat pussy upskirt
Now that is a juicy phat pussy!!

We’re talking full on boobs, shaved pussy upskirts and very provocative positions. Let us take you on a journey to Lil’ Kim’s dirtiest moments.  Keep reading and scrolling to see her totally nude!

Although she has appeared in a few movies, her main profession spitting out dope rhymes. She is best known for her hit songs Lady Marmalade and The Magic Stick — and boy does she SAVOR the dick Her long stretching talented career started back in the days of early 90s rap. Notorious B.I.G. took her under his wing and helped nurture her talent.


Famous Lil Kim squatting in leopard print
The most famous photo of Lil Kim. Squatting in leopard print lingerie. (high resolution)

This photo became so iconic that many hip hop artists since have created their own version. Perhaps the best known of the bunch is Nicki Minaj.  Check out her version:

Nicki Minaj doing the Lil Kim squat
Nicki Minaj doing a Lil Kim squat parody. Definitely check out these Nicki Minaj nudes.

In her videos, Lil Kim has always portrayed a sex appeal that has become her signature. Her music videos and songs feature all the notables in the music industry. For instance, Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliott, Mary J. Blige, Snoop Dogg, and Timberland among many others. But her true fame unfortunately doesn’t come from her music. It comes from her pussy.

Her first big break was in 1996, with her debut album Hard Core. It instantly became a classic 90’s hip hop album, making her one of the most successful female artists of the genre to that point.  She spit lines like

You ain’t lickin’ this, you ain’t stickin’ this,
I don’t want dick tonight.
Eat my pussy right.
[Not Tonight]

Who wouldn’t want to munch on those meaty pussy lips? It’s obvious that beaver would top the porn niche “lips that grip”!

Lil Kim Hard Core album cover
Album cover from Hard Core

Kim has also posed in various men’s magazines like XXL, King Magazine and others.  Besides her photo shoots, Kim is often wearing ridiculous outfits on the red carpet or while performing in concert.  She also seems to have an affinity for going commando under her skirts and dresses.  And you know what that means with the hungry paparazzi always snapping photos: very revealing upskirt and nip-slip photos by the dozens.

Lil Kim - Got Dick?
Yeah, a hard one.

Lil’ Kim Nude Moments

We decided to break this down into subcategories due to the size of her collection.  We will continue to add more when we find them.  Feel free to comment below if you have any requests or additions!

Upskirt Photos

Lil Kim pussy showing upskirt
Now that is a beautiful shaved pussy!

Good thing Kim likes to keep that baby shaved clean!  That first thumbnail has to take the cake for most outrageous celebrity upskirt of all time, don’t you think?

Camel Toe Captures

Nipple Slip Photos

Lil Kim naked in backseat of car
Just kickin’ it naked in the backseat

Sexy Photos

Lil Kim XXL holding her tits

In 2017

Lil Kim selfie in 2017
IG selfie from 2017


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